WHY TO ATTEND? Support Education System

Empower Teachers

2021 year 1000+ teachers  left schools because of situation with distance learning in Lithuania

Enhance learning possibilities

1/3 of Lithuanian scholars faced challenges while learning remotely

Embrace the AI/VR

COVID-19 propelled faster adoption of automation and AI in workplace. Lets empower it in Education


brings together educators and entrepreneurs together with developers to solve Hybrid&Blended learning challenges from Lithuania and all over the world.

Hackathon is followed by 4 evenings of Keynote speeches and discussions for the domains:

The Future technologies of Education

the Trends of Edtech in Lithuania and Globally

Hybrid&Blended learning: tips&tricks

The Future of Work

Mentoring Hours
Hours of Keynotes & Discussions
Solutions Developed
Event Registrations


Birutė Miškinienė

Event Host, Director @ VU Business School

Jūratė Stanišauskienė

Vice President of Operations and a Managing Director @ Western Union Lithuania

Remigijus Šimašius

Mayor @ Vilnius City

Artūras Vasiliauskas

Pro-rector for Partnerships @ Vilnius University

Šarūnas Dignaitis

CEO @EdTechLithuania

Peter Kazickas

CEO. Experienced in communications, fundraising, community building and entrepreneurial thinking. Believer in people.

Unė Kaunaitė

Director @ Vilnius Educational Improvement Center (VSPC)

Lukas Stakėla

Analyst @ RTO Lithuania

Saulė Mačiukaitė-Žvinienė

President @ National Council of Education, Professor of Innovation @ VU Business School

Linas Būtėnas

Blockchain expert, Data Analysis & AI Researcher, Co-founder @SUPER HOW?

Paulius Juočeris

VR and interactive content producer. Managing director @ production company "Iron Cat”

Mindaugas Sinkevičius

President @ Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania

Živilė Valeišienė

Strategic People Partner for Global Operations and Talent Centers in LT, IN, CR and PH

Dovilė Juškevičienė

Lead of Internship program @ Western Union Lithuania

Rimantas Juknys

Online training, Manager at Agent Learning Technology team in Western Union Lithuania

Anna Csernus

Sr. Training Specialist @ Western Union Lithuania

Inga Langaitė

CEO of Unicorns LT Association

Adrian Muller

Director, Global Sanctions Strategy @ Western Union Lithuania

Rytis Bieliauskas

CTO @ CoinGate

Ieva Šantaraitė-Gurskienė

HR Business Partner @ Cognizant Technology Solutions Lithuania

Mariano Andrade Gonzalez

Director @ Moody's Lithuania

Andrius Milinavičius

Event Moderator


Ayman Arandi

Managing Director @ Iris Solutions

Agne Domarkiene

Global Customer Engagement Group Leader @ Western Union Lithuania

Ignas Zimaitis

Digital Marketing Consultant

Vilija Malinauskaitė

International Sales and Marketing Consultant, owner @ Travel Deli

Jurgita Vizgirdaitė

Learning Competences Lecturer @ VU Business School

Taurimas Valys

Business Angel, International Banker

Danutė Rasimavičienė

Creativity Lecturer, trainer and mentor @ VU Business School

Paulius Ramantauskas

IT Director @ Western Union Lithuania

Eimantas Bekėža

CEO and co-founder @ Memby/ Digiklasė

Lauryna Filatovaitė

Neuroscientist, Project Manager & EdTech Enthusiast

Martynas Kandzeras

Entrepreneur | Investor

Ieva Kriaučiūnienė

UX & Design Team Lead @ Baltic Amadeus


#1 Place

Established by Transcom

#2 Place

Established by Guidehouse

#3 Place

Established by Guidehouse

#Additional Prize

6 months Virtual Office & Company Establishment Support

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