General FAQ's

25-27 November 2022 

The first days will help to prepare for the Full Speed hackathon during the last 2 days. 

The first evening will be dedicated to the idea/challenge presentations and team-up process.

Vilnius University Business School together with National Agency for Educations & Western Union Lithuania organize an exclusive event – a 6 days long Edtech Hackathon & Conference: Education inside Metaverse.

Hackathon will be held online.

Slack, Zoom and other tools will be used for communication.

Public talks will be streamed online via VU Business School Facebook page, news portal.

• Visionaries and leaders with previous startup experience
• Education enthusiasts (teachers and other education workers)

• Metaverse, Edtech communities
• Software developers
• UX/UI designers
• Marketers and business developers
• Everyone else, interested in EdTech or Metaverse

You can fill in the participant’s form on this web page by 23:59, 21st of November. According to your answers in the questionnaire, the organizers of the event will evaluate your motivation (which is the most important) and personal qualities.

*organizers will try their best to fit as many participants as possible.

People, who are selected to take part in the event, will be divided into teams on the day 1 of the event (mostly by 4 to 6). These teams will be formed by unifying ideas. In order to bring together teams of high quality and fulfilling needs for different competencies, each member will be assigned one of these roles: Developer, Designer, Project manager or Entrepreneur, Education Expert. Participants will be able to choose their roles in advance by completing the registration form.

Partly formed or Fully formed teams are also invited to register.

Everyone participating in the Edtech Hackathon will receive:

  • All the connection details for the tools to communicate
  • Information for a successful start (short but concrete introduction to prototype development)
  • Professional help (mentors from different fields will share their insights and advice)

Solutions for a more innovative education system

Many people will agree, that Lithuania’s current education system needs some changes. Only young, ambitious, courageous people who have unconventional ideas can help to fix these problems. The solutions developed during the Hackathon should encourage young people to make more active and effective use of the benefits of the Lithuanian education system. But first of all, society needs to be prepared for innovation.

3 Teams that make the most progress over the week and will get the best evaluation for the final pitch, will win.

Sure, all the pre-event formed teams are welcome to register.

Each team member needs to register with the same team name!

On the 25th November, just after an opening ceremony, pre-recorded videos of each challenge will be displayed.

Upload your  video to here: 

This video should represent your project. Your video will be shown during the Livestream just after the Welcoming ceremony 

Duration up to 60 seconds
1. introduce the name of the idea (challenge)
2.  introduce Yourself (name & 1-2 context details about Yourself or team)
3. present what problem You want to solve why it is important & relevant to education?
4.  pitch a short inspiring vision, what would change if we would solve this problem?
5.  let us know if you are looking for teammates & what kind of skills/experience you need?

Deadline to upload the video: the 21th of November, till 13:00 EET. 

The Edtech Conference: Education inside Metaverse live stream of all the talks and discussions are public and will be livestreamed via the news portal

1. Relevance in topic: Education inside Metaverse.

2. Feasibility

3. Impact on Society

4. Innovation in Education

Check the Slack channel “ask_for_mentor”. The mentorship will be available Friday evening to Sunday noon.

Each mentorship session will last 30 minutes. 

1st place winner will get 3000 Eur

2nd place winner will get 2000 Eur 

3rd place winner will get 1000 Eur 

The winning teams will also get prizes that support the further development of solutions.

Edtech Conference

22nd November 2022. 9:00 AM EET to 5:00 PM EET

The livestream of all the talks and discussions are public and will be livestreamed via VU Business School facebook page and news portal.

  1. Next Gen Education
  2. Public Education inside…Metaverse
  3. Future technologies or the new normal
  4. Edtech Innovators / Startup area

Sure, the Edtech Conference: Education inside Metaverse will be free of charge. Just register on the website.

English is the main event language.