Adrian Muller

Director, Global Sanctions Strategy @ Western Union Lithuania

Adrian works as Director of the Global Sanctions Strategy team at Western Union. He has worked for WU for 11+ years in sanctions compliance roles. Originally from Costa Rica, Adrian moved to Lithuania over 6 years ago. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Music from the Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Latina of Costa Rica.


Opening 9th Nov

Unlock your potential

Anna Csernus & Adrian Muller

In these unprecedented times, companies both big and small are experiencing significant changes in how they operate. New challenges forced businesses to create innovative measures, processes, and strategies, including rethinking how employees learn and develop. Many workplaces across the globe have successfully adapted to new ways of working, using innovative techniques and technologies to support learning. Western Union is a great example of how organizations can rise to these challenges, adapt to the ‘new normal’ and shape a ‘new possible’. Join us in conversation as we share our reflections, best practices and lessons learned in our journey of transition.

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