Darius Kniuksta

Co-author of an EdTech startup for game-based learning "Three Cubes", successful YouTuber

Speaker for gaming, education and metaverse themes. 11 years of creating YouTube content (100k subscribers) about creative sandbox games like Minecraft, Cities: Skylines, and KSP. 10 years of gaming live streams in Twitch.tv (37k followers). Hobbyist game developer and writer. Promoting entertainment industry, helped with organizing events, created gaming influencer team, many gaming communities and projects. I am currently building an EdTech startup for game-based learning Three Cubes. The main goal is to transform the official schools' curriculum with innovative and active lessons with video games to prepare children for Industry 4.0. Right now we are in ~40 schools for the whole school year. Throughout the years, we worked with many organizations that wanted to tap into gaming and virtual worlds for their products. Also, our startup is starting to create a new tool for creating Virtual Worlds - Dewox.io - Web3-based integrated Virtual Worlds Platform - a tool for building Metaverse products for business and individual creators.


10:45 - 11:45 Public Education in... Metaverse

Keynote Darius Kniūkšta. How today's game designers are already designing our future