Edgaras Jasalinis

CEO at fast growing K12 EdTech companies: Co-founder @ EdTech Lithuania, Associate Partner at Zabolis Partners

I am currently the Associate Partner at Zabolis Partners. In Zabolis Partners I am responsible for management of our K12 educational technology (EdTech) ventures TAMO and EDUKA where I hold the CEO positions. Education has been a passport to prosperity for billions of people, however, the primary method of delivery has not been fundamentally changed in hundreds of years and the sector has been slow to adopt new technology. We believe now is the time to change that. Our integrated K12 learning services ecosystem is used by 4 out of 5 children daily in our home market Lithuania.

My main areas of expertise are K12 formal education, digital business transformation, executive management, M&A and post deal integrations. I like searching for simple and innovative solutions to complex problems through the use of technology. I am driven by continuous change, innovation and balancing at the edge of my comfort zone.

The greatest growth happens at the edge of the comfort zone. When you dance right on that edge you get braver and wiser without freaking yourself out