Laura Hamidova

Founder and Director of FireWorks HRM company

During my HR career, I wore many different hats. I was working with documentation; doing recruitment and selection; headhunting; training and mentorship and etc. I came up from a simple HR admin role to Founder and Director of FireWorks HRM company. The HR company that loves and enjoys working with people and for people. Now, we have a presence in different countries! • Today, I can define myself as a SHRM Certification trainer that I enjoy so much because I have an opportunity to elevate the careers of HR Professionals globally.
• I also define myself as an HR Consultant for Startups because I can clearly see what mistakes are done and how to avoid them and how to shorten the road to becoming a Unicorn.
• And also I define myself as someone who helps people to find better jobs; build a better career, and companies find their stars.