Paulius Juočeris

VR and interactive content producer. Managing director @ production company "Iron Cat”

Since 2011, after graduating in UCA (UK) and returning to Lithuania Paulius is active in the Lithuanian creative sector. Film projects, education, virtual reality, interactive projects - during more than ten years of work, Paulius presented several dozen award wining projects that spark the imagination.


Edtech Week 10th - 12th Nov

The promise of immersive learning. VR potential in a nutshell

We are on the verge of new digital era. The near future is where virtual reality equipment is used by masses, where digital “Metaverse" concept is alive and big part of our social and leisure time, where our wellbeing and health care is being constant surveilled and adjusted using VR devices. What does that mean for the educational system? Should we innovate and challenge the system now or wait and adjust to the inevitable digital change?


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