Unė Kaunaitė

Director @ Vilnius Educational Improvement Center (VSPC)

Unė Kaunaitė is an education expert, a writer, and the director of Vilnius Educational Improvement Center (VPŠC). She’s earned a master’s degree in Education from the University of Cambridge as well as a MA in Psychology and Social Anthropology from the University of St. Andrews. She has previously worked as an advisor for the Prime Minister of Lithuania for education, science, culture and sports. She has also written three books for teenagers and adults.


Edtech Week 10th - 12th Nov

Vilnius as an Open School: Mission (im)possible

Global pandemic became an opportunity to rethink the way we learn at school. In this light, we want to turn Vilnius into an open learning space where a substantial part of learning takes place outside the classroom using all possible city’s resources.

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